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Homework Club helped my peers and I tackle the difficult task of juggling athletics and school work during our high school careers. After a full dayof classes and a practice or two, we would roll into Homework Club hungry and exhausted. Somehow, Kim would manage to get a team full of loud, hyper boys fed and settled enough to sit still and study.
Homework Club helped me to finish high school on time and get accepted into Capilano College and St. Mary’s University.

Demitri - HWC grad 2008

I can’t imagine going through high school without Homework Club. With kind and helpful tutors, a dynamic and supportive atmosphere, and of course, it’s always motivating and encouraging spearhead, Ms. Leary, I can always count on Homework to get me through that difficult calculus question, or dreadful English essay. Homework Club really cares; it is genuinely concerned with enhancing the performance of students and being that support base we all often need when we stumble across obstacles in our learning.

Sonia - HWC grad 2011

All I know is you can look high and low and you will never find a home like the Homework Club. Personally, HWC made a huge difference in my life. When I first heard of it I wasn’t sure what to think so it took me a while to check it out, but once I started going I never stopped until I graduated. It was a place that my friends and I went to get help with our work, and never felt uncomfortable to ask any question because they were so accepting to everyone’s personality and needs that no one felt out of place.

Hafsa - HWC Grad 2008