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Reza Sabour | (He / Him / His)

Reza (He / Him / His) wanted to be part of the Board at Homework Club because he came to Canada as a war refugee in 1987. Back then, he was a really impressionable child with little to no idea of what a new country and a new beginning would look like for him and his family. Reza says he was too young to absorb it all, but knew it was going to be difficult. School was a really big challenge as he struggled in those first years academically and didn’t feel like he fit it. Reza didn’t have a place to go or a program like HC to help him with his grades but to also provide him with a safe and welcoming environment where he wasn’t made to feel like he didn’t belong. Reza only wishes something like Homework Club was around for him when he needed it then.

Now, as a successful entrepreneur and someone who has successfully run his own registered charity in the past and as someone who has sat on several non-profit boards, Reza’s goal is to use his story and experience in order to help inspire other students who may also have had challenges that made them feel like they didn’t belong. Reza hopes to be able to encourage students to give it their all and know that if he could do it and make something great of his life, then they can too.