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Join 333×25 & become a Homework Club Hero!



The sunny weather reminds us that the school year is drawing to an end, and with that out thoughts turn to planning for next years’ group of students. Will we be able to create the same magic we have created this year?  How will we fund this magic, year after year?

Our answer lies with our Heroes; those people and organizations who have supported us every year with donations big and small.  They are reason we are able to make the magic that is Homework Club – and we mean magic.  Where else would you find a group of 40 or more high school students happily engaged in doing homework, three nights a week?  Where else would students from all age groups, grades and ability levels come together as a single group, united in a common purpose?  You remember high school – this just doesn’t happen! Where else would 18 formerly failing, completely disengaged students be found night after night, plotting their path from failure to high school graduation, and post-secondary education?  Magic is the only way to describe it, and heroes are the only way to get it done!

Would you like to be a Homework Club Hero?  A monthly donation of $25 is all it takes. Your contribution, joined with the contribution of 333 other heroes, will make certain that we are able to provide our own special brand of magic, year after year, to the students we serve and who so richly deserve it!

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