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January, January…

January brought with it an extra week of winter break for our students as the rising number of COVID cases skyrocketed. In an attempt to control the chaos, staff were asked to come to work while the students stayed home. You’d think for most, an extra week off would be a dream come true, but for many of our kids who have little to do and nowhere else to go they were eager for the return. New protocols also meant we had to make some adjustments at Homework Club. Our beloved “Nutella with extra Nutella” sandwiches had to be put on hold and so we were back to packaged goodies and spaced-out seating with limited numbers. Anxious heads peering around the corner on our first day back was familiar as we had been here before, but somehow it felt just as discouraging to know our little program would once again have to readjust to the reality of this world.

But what was perhaps most difficult to accept is that the tutors would not be available in-person and this seems to be news that our kids never quite get used to. It says so much about the tutors impact on their young lives – that hanging out once or twice a week for even a few hours means everything. The relationship building, consistency and academic support does not go unnoticed or unfelt. Its significant and purposeful work. We often talk as a staff that each student at our school deserves to have one adult who is crazy about them and the beloved tutors at Homework Club are truly a part of that mantra.

We hope to soon return to the hustle and bustle, organized chaos, laughter and creative energy that fuels our program and to welcome back our wonderful tutors with socially distanced open arms. 

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