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Homework Club provides inner-city and at-risk youth with the support and resources they need to graduate high school and move on to post-secondary success but we can’t service all the need without your help! Your generous donations help us to provide sustained support throughout the year, and you’d be surprised by how much we can do with even the smallest amount.

$500 | Post-Secondary Bursaries – A large part of Homework Club success is our investment in our students futures through our bursary program. Your $500 gift helps to build our bursary found for Homework Club students who receive awards at graduation for their outstanding attendance and hard work at Homework Club.

$300 | Homework Club Programming – Homework Club Programming is second to none! It includes Guest Speaker series, Scholarships and University Applications sessions, Sexual Health instruction, Mental Health mentorship and so much more. $300 would help to insure that all Homework participants continue to receive superior programming.

$100 | The Basics – Homework Club focuses on the whole student, and we understand that it takes more than just tutoring to achieve academic success. Some students attend school hungry, others have no school supplies, still others don’t have access to computers or to internet at home.  To overcome this we provide healthy meals and snacks, backpacks and school supplies, and access to technology including computers, internet and printing.  $100 helps us to provide these basics for our students in need.

Every level is such an amazing gift.  In fact, if just 100 people gave at each level every year, we could almost fund the entire program!

Donate today using the form below, or via email transfer to, or contact us at this email address to explore other options!

Can’t make a financial contribution? Your time and knowledge are important too! Contact us today for more information on becoming a tutor at Homework Club.