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Kim Leary, Executive Director

After 15 years as a frustrated accountant, Kim decided to take a year off, go to college and just read some books. Somewhere between her first and second class, she looked up at the professor and thought, “I could do this! ” At that moment, the first seeds of a career in education began to germinate and Kim thought that maybe she would be good at working with teenagers. To to be sure, she took a volunteer position at the Burnaby Youth Open Custody Facility’s day school, assisting incarcerated youth to complete their educational goals. It was immediately obvious that the toughest and most outspoken students gravitated towards her, and she to them.

She promptly decided to pursue a degree in Education and become a secondary school teacher and fate soon led her to Dianne Rice and the Homework Club. In Dianne she met a kindred spirit who also felt all those “bad” kids that teachers and schools routinely write off were nothing more than good kids who needed a little help. Kim quickly became Diannes right hand, and was soon tapped to become the Homework Club co-ordinator upon Dianne’s retirement at the end of the 2006/07 school year.

Kim completed her Bachelor of Education at UBC with a major in English and a concentration in Social Studies in August 2007. She began teaching the following month, splitting her time between Britannia Secondary, Point Grey Secondary and Homework Club, working with students from a variety of ability and socio-economic levels. She believes this diversity has made her a better teacher as she is now able to teach effectively at both the high and low ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Moreover, her work in Aboriginal education at Point Grey Secondary is directly relevant to her role at Homework Club as Britannia’s student population is increasingly made up of First Nations students.