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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Grads of 2013 come back to share some words of wisdom with the grads of 2014.

Grads of 2013 come back to share some words of wisdom with the grads of 2014.

The week before the winter break is one of our favourite times at Homework Club.  Not only is it the last week before school ends and a well deserved (by everyone) break begins, but it is also the time of year when so many of our former graduates come back to visit.  Every year, we marvel at how much these students seem to mature in the five short months since they left high school and became college students.

All week long, students pop in to Homework Club to say hi, to check in with their favourite tutors, or if it’s Monday, to enjoy a nostalgic Nutella sandwich.  And, all week long, we get to hear about their triumphs and defeats since leaving us: what they did with their last summer vacations, what schools they are currently attending, what jobs they’re working, and of course, what they think of high school and Homework Club now that they have moved on.

Every year, we hear how much they value Homework Club now that they have met other students from other high schools and realize that we are one of a kind, unique to Britannia.  We also hear about all the things they wish they had known about post-secondary while they were still in high school.

So, a few years back, we created “Meet the Grads” – an opportunity for the current grade 11 and 12 students to hear all about college life from members of the most recent graduating class.  The grads answer questions about anything from choosing courses and making new friends to paying for post-secondary school and choosing a fraternity or sorority. This year’s gems included, “do not sleep through your registration time or you will end up taking astronomy!” and “OMG, the papers – pay attention in English class!”.

“Meet the Grads” has become a Homework Club tradition, just another part of the holiday season at Britannia, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


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