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Congratulations to Scott Thomson, Britannia Class of 2020 Valedictorian!

Scott Thomson, an avid Homework Club participant for many years, was voted Valedictorian by his peers for the Graduating Class of 2020!

Scott has shared some beautiful words about what the Homework Club has meant to him since he started in Grade 8. Thank you, Scott! We are so proud of you for this great achievement.

As the 2020 school year comes to a close, we want to congratulate ALL of our students – we are proud of each and every one of you, and look forward to hearing of the great things that lie ahead for you all.

Homework club has been a major part of my 5 year journey at Britannia Secondary School. I have attended the program weekly since my first week of high school in grade 8. I have been involved with the program every week since and am very grateful for it. Having somewhere to go after school multiple days a week to receive guidance and tutoring was very beneficial for my studies. It was a very welcoming environment for me and my friends to study while being nourished with snacks and hot meals that some of us did not have elsewhere. We also had access to computers and printers at the program which helped us to complete some projects that could not be done at home.

For me, the guidance and tutoring was the most valuable part of the program. I always felt comfortable to talk with the staff who ran the program including Robyn, who was at the program for 4 of my 5 years at Britannia. My friends and I knew we could always approach Robyn about anything that was going on in our lives, especially including help with homework. The tutors that I worked with in the program were always friendly and very helpful. I enjoyed being able to work so closely with university students and be able to talk to them about what I should expect from high school and post-secondary.

I am very fortunate to have had the ability to learn from people who had gone through the same experiences that I was going through. I do not believe that I would have been as comfortable or successful in high school if it were not for the Homework Club at Britannia.

Scott Thomson



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