Britannia Graduate & Homework Club Tutor

As a former Britannia student and current tutor, Homework Club is a special place in my eyes. In the almost four years since I have graduated I have really realized what an amazing place it is. There are no ‘Homework Clubs’ in college or at university; your work is your own, help is difficult to find and expensive to pay for.

There is no place you can go and find knowledgeable tutors for a variety of courses, willing and able to offer their expertise. And free food? That’s unheard of!!!! It sounds cliché but it’s true; you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Friends, food, and even fun, while doing homework? It sounds crazy, but that’s what I see every week at Homework Club.

That’s why I come back and help out the best I can, because I honestly believe it’s a unique place where you can get your work done, the support you need, and enjoy it, or at the very least overcome the feeling that homework is torture. You can do it, and Homework Club can help!